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The Invisible Army

In the UK, two young people in every secondary school classroom is a young carer…

There are almost 200,000 young carers registered in the UK and another 500,000 invisible in our communities.  Some are as young as 5 years old and many will continue caring into adulthood.

Their lives are impacted in numerous ways; many lose their childhoods, buried under the weight of responsibility, anxiety and tiredness.  When asked, they say they feel isolated, stressed, worried, angry and guilty.  They experience bullying, low self-esteem, embarrassment and often miss school.  They have less time for homework, friends, interests and themselves.  Almost half will show signs of poor mental health.

a day in the life

"This project was proudly produced by young carers across Bournemouth. Links were very proud to provide funding towards this fantastic cause - one that really deserves to be highlighted."  HealthWatch Dorset

Face Forward

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I'm 13 and care for my mum and brother, Danny.  My mum first went into hospital when I was nine, just after my brother Danny was born.  My mum was diagnosed with a condition which affects her immune system. Read more...

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What's it like?

New Forest Young Carers tell us what it's really like to be a young carer. "I'd be looking after my Mum, cooking, cleaning, shopping - I rarely get the time to go out with friends. It's great to be at MyTIME I have time to chill." Ellis & Chloe


How we help...

MyTIME was formed in 2013 to give young carers in the south a break. We encourage them to get outdoors, be active, while making new friends.

Our young carers' breaks are created for registered young carers 5 -18 year old – mostly local – Dorset, Hampshire and can be a single play day or residential up to a week.  We find the young carers by working with local authorities and carers groups and the demand for what we do is high and growing.

The young carers benefit from the simple break away from their responsibilities – a chance to reboot.  They spend time with other young carers recognising that they are not alone – often make lasting friendships.  They take part in activities that young people should.  They have time to be themselves.

MyTIME - time to be young, time to be free, time to be me




Figures from Carers Trust UK research 2004-2016

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