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A piece of history. From May 1940 to May 1942 Worth Matravers was the nerve centre for radar development in the UK and our building was at the heart of that establishment. Top radar scientists trying out new ideas for better systems were based there, in fact when we think of radar today, we think of a rotating aerial and a display which looks like a map - this was first built at Worth Matravers.

This area of Dorset was chosen because it had a flat clifftop site, good for testing radar, and was seen in 1940 as away from German-occupied territory. About 200 people came to Worth in May 1940; by May 1942 about 2000 people worked here!  However in May 1942 research was quickly moved inland and only a few were left.  The RAF continued to operate radar at Worth until well after the war, and the 110 metre tower was only taken down in the early 1970s. Almost nothing is left today except some foundations on the cliff and the MyTIME building now used as an Outdoor Centre, providing group accommodation and a place for young carers to come for a break.

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Want to learn more?

Look out for some commemorative pictures and newspaper cuttings at the Centre during your stay.

The Purbeck Radar Museum Trust was formed to raise awareness of the WWII work and an exhibition can be found at the Swanage Museum and Heritage Centre.  The Trust also have their own information and some great photos of the area at Purbeck Radar.



Take a short walk from the Centre down to the clifftop at St Aldhem's Head and you will find a spectacular memorial to radar at the site between 1940-1942.

For many years locals wanted to find a way to commemorate the pioneering work undertaken at Worth Matravers and in October 2001 veterans watched as the monument, designed and sculpted locally was unveiled. 

After the war, the buildings around us were slowly removed and the area restored to farmland.  It was years later that our building was rescued from disrepair and restored to a habitable state.  Since then it has been used as an Adventure Centre, Field Studies base and Outdoor Centre for vulnerable young people.  At MyTIME, we now focus our efforts on offering young carers breaks in the beautiful Dorset countryside.

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