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There are currently 800,000 Young Carers in the UK, some as young as 5. Young Carers are massively un-supported and are often the last priority, even in their own lives.   

Young carers are simply not getting time to play, to be the children they should be or develop and grow. They are thrown into an adult’s world far too soon and given responsibilities beyond their ages.

A Day In The Life

"This project was proudly produced by young carers across Bournemouth. Links were very proud to provide funding towards this fantastic cause - one that really deserves to be highlighted."  HealthWatch Dorset

Face Forward

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I'm 13 and care for my mum and brother, Danny.  My mum first went into hospital when I was nine, just after my brother Danny was born.  My mum was diagnosed with a condition which affects her immune system. Read more...

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What's it like?

New Forest Young Carers tell us what it's really like to be a young carer. "I'd be looking after my Mum, cooking, cleaning, shopping - I rarely get the time to go out with friends. It's great to be at MyTIME I have time to chill." Ellis & Chloe


How we help...

MyTime receives no public funding yet work closely with local community and public bodies to ensure that the work and support we offer impacts on the young people who need it most.

MyTime supports young carers with developing life skills, education and physical & mental health wellbeing.

We give them a much needed break from their full-time caring responsibilities. This gives them a sense of freedom, allows them to have fun and form new, long-lasting friendships with other young carers.  The feedback that we have received from young people that we have supported is that we have helped them in an incredibly positive way to feel better about themselves and have helped to improve their physical and mental well-being.  




Figures from Carers Trust UK research 2004-2016

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