Safeguarding is a key priority across MyTime.  We are committed to effectively promoting the safety and well-being of children and young people and protecting all vulnerable individuals from any form of abuse.  Safeguarding is well understood across our organisation:

  • We will safeguard all children and young people as young carers, on respite breaks, on play days, at events and fundraising activities
  • Staff, volunteers and trustees in all environments where they come into contact with children and vulnerable young people will adhere to our safeguarding policy
  • Keeping children, young people and the vulnerable safe is paramount
  • Working with other agencies we can ensure that our policies, processes and structures, ensure all our children and young people are safe and have the necessary support
  • All adults who work with our young people undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.  These are regularly renewed

A Commitment to Safeguarding

We work to keep an open and transparent culture where everyone feels safe and able to share thoughts and concerns.  We believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and expect all staff and volunteers to share this view.  To ensure the best possible provisions and outcomes in relation to safeguarding:

  • Safeguarding is represented at a senior level by our Chair of Trustees and we work in partnership with key local and national agencies involved in our safeguarding
  • Robust Governance and Monitoring processes ensure that policy is appropriately applied
  • Practice is regularly evaluated, and active learning will take place from any incidents that arise in order that future risk can be minimised

Reporting concerns

Concerns relating to safeguarding are always listened to and taken seriously.

In accordance with our Safeguarding policy all staff, volunteers and visitors to our Centre are expected to immediately report any safety and safeguarding concerns about any child or young person.

November 2018

It is the policy of MyTime to have an effective Safeguarding Policy because we are committed to supporting the right of children and vulnerable adults at risk to be protected from abuse and to making sure that all volunteers work together and act promptly when dealing with allegations of abuse.  This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, Trustees or anyone else working on behalf of MyTime.

MyTime is committed to:

  • Ensuring that all staff, volunteers and Trustees understand what abuse is and how to recognise it
  • Ensuring that all 3rd parties employed by MyTime are suitably checked as per the policy
  • Ensuring the safety of the person making the allegation by recording and reporting to the authorities without delay
  • Providing a safe environment in which to report abuse
  • Providing regular and appropriate training to protect both the vulnerable and MyTime staff and volunteers

Our stated aims and objectives for the year 2019 are:

  • To ensure that MyTime continues to embrace its core values in order to promote a safe environment for everyone
  • To ensure that centre users, carers and their representative, staff and volunteers understand how to report an allegation of abuse
  • To provide training as appropriate
  • Implementation, maintenance and review

Matthew Barker, Chair of Trustees, MyTime Charity accepts overall responsibility for Safeguarding within the organisation and is responsible for all policy implementation.

Date: 13 November 2018    Review date: November 2019


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