Our triumphant, tenacious and touching, 2.6 challenge

“That's what I consider true generosity:

You give your all and yet you always feel as

if it costs you nothing.” —Simone de Beauvoir


With London Marathon cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic an urgent call to action was

placed to help save charities on what would have been the world's biggest one-day fundraising event.

Born through crisis and cleverly created in a sprint, the 2.6 Challenge provided charities like MYTime Young

Carers with the opportunity to generate funds to continue delivering and developing vital services at this time

and beyond. Our favourite thing about the 2.6 Challenge was that it could be any at-home activity as long

as it involved the numbers two and six! 

MYTime two point six challenge


Excited by the opportunity to have some fun whilst fundraising The MYTime team got stuck in immediately,

creating their own personal 2.6 challenges and calling on their supportive community to get involved. 


We were overwhelmed by the responses, and donations so far have reached an astonishing £3500!

We know things are difficult now for everyone, with many people furloughed and concerned about their

financial security. This amount of generosity was completely unexpected and we promise we will use it wisely

to give our young carers the very best experiences.


Today we dedicate our blog to our Home Heroes by celebrating each person that dedicated their time to MYTime.

We’ve compiled these incredible achievements into a handy list which we hope will inspire you and demonstrate the

generosity of spirit from our incredible community.


Young Carers, Home Heroes and MYTimers we salute you. You ALL Rock. 



  • Kate and Ian took on a monster 26-mile marathon on a rowing machine, that is a colossal 42,195 meters. 

Kate and Ian


  • The wonderful community who live in the village of Worth Matravers, where the MYTime outdoor centre calls home

          held a community plant sale, they sold a huge number of plants and created a beautiful 2.6 display with their plants. 


  • Kobe who plays in the youth side at Bournemouth rugby club took on his own 26 mile bike ride challenge, cycling a whopping

          6 miles on Sunday! 


  • Charlie has taken on a bouncing challenge, he is doing 26 backdrop flips a day for 26 days. That is a massive 676 bounces. At

          the time of writing, he’s still going! Go, Charlie!! 


  • Kiera and Lara Milward created the MYTime @ Home 2.6 fitness challenge, challenging participants to do 26 squats, 26 star

          jumps, 26 plank twists and 26 sit-ups in under 2 mins and 6 seconds! 


  • Team CC hosted and delivered a free team training session!


  • The brilliant boys over at E-Motion Fitness hub ran some 26 themed fitness sessions on Saturday morning. They delivered fun-filled

          sessions including yoga, HIIT and Zuu, accessible and open to everyone. 


E-Motion Fitness Hub take on the two point six challenge


  • A big shout out to first-team from Bournemouth Rugby Club, coach Mike Pope and Senior Player Toby Kenneally for arranging for

          getting involved with E-Motion Fitness hubs HIIT session.


  • The magnificent PE staff from Glenmoor and Winton Academies got together and created the A-Z challenge, over 1800 students

          were set the challenge of creating a series of 26 sporting moves one for each letter of the alphabet and on Sunday morning they

          completed all 26 moves in order without forgetting any of the moves. Staff from Glenmoor and Winton posted their attempts at some

          of these moves- please head over to Twitter to see the incredible Mr Nash, Head of Year 9, showing us his moves. This is not to be missed,

          we’ve never seen moves like it! 


  • We would also like to say a huge thank you to the Dean and the team at 4Com. 


  • Little MYTime Heroes Megan and Teddy created their own list of things to do to help fundraise! 

Megan and Teddy


  • Lou Handley cycled an eyewatering 26 miles at home on an exercise bike! 

Lou Handley


  • Penny our Development Manager performed 26 yoga moves, Gemma our Operation and Groups Manager and her children have

          been creating scenes with 26 toys to highlight that young carers can often go unseen, Ellie took on Kiera’s challenged, Kate ran 2.6 miles a

          day for 10 days as did Krista and Wendy our Fundraising and Relationships Manager, has been learning Spanish for 2 hours and 6 minutes

          every day for 10 days- Muy Buena!!

Kate Shaw two point six challenge


  • And finally, our Executive Director took on a ridiculous challenge with a group of her friends, they each bounced 2.6km on unicorn

         space hoppers! Lou, Joanna, Jemma, Katie and Krista started at 10 am on Sunday which is when Krista would have been starting her

         first ever London Marathon. 

Mr Hoppy



We hope you'll agree a fantastic effort by all was made to make MYTimes 2.6 challenge a great success! 


It's not too late to get involved and make a donation towards our Young Carers and the sterling efforts of our MYTime family. 

You can simply text MYTIME to 70660 to donate £3 or click here

Thanks, Love Team MYTime x

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