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As a result of the Covid outbreak all of our the activities that were planned for our young carers as a part of our ‘Making Memories Programme’

have sadly had to be cancelled. The young carers we support are understandably extremely disappointed as they were really looking forward to

the amazing activities we had planned in conjunction with the Lighthouse in Poole.

The young carers we support are faced with the uncertainty that many of us are facing now but also with the heightened and very real concern

for the health of the family member they care for. A huge number of young carers care for family members being shielded to protect them from

the threat of Covid.

We are really concerned about our young carers and doing everything we can to continue to support them whilst they are in their home. We

have responded by creating our ‘MYTime at Home’ programme. ‘MYTime at Home’ is a very bespoke programme of activities which our young

carers can do at home to give themselves a short respite from the caring they are doing and to give them back a sense of themselves at this

strange time.

We have reached out to lots of incredible people to help us put these activities together- sports people, singers, musicians, poets, writers,

photographers, yoga teachers- the list is amazing. These people have been so generous in sharing their passions with us by creating short

videos/blogs/podcasts, which we are then sharing with our young carers, giving them that really important chance to take 5 minutes for


The exceptionally talented Jess Berry and Graham Godfrey, both professional musicians have made our first video; they have created a very

hilarious tongue twisting break beat challenge. This will be the launch of our ‘MYTime at Home’ programme and will go out on Monday, which

has been renamed Music Monday in honour of all the young carers out there doing such an incredible job.

If you have a passion you would like to share with our young carers please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

You can check out Jess and Graham's video here! Can you do it? Drop us a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Love, MYTime x 

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