MyTIME Outdoor Centre

(Formerly known as Poole and Dorset Adventure Centre) 

Off Renscombe Rd, Worth Matravers, 
Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. BH19 3LL


Tel 01202 710701

Conditions of Booking

In order to maintain a high standard of provision for all users, certain conditions must be accepted by all user organisations.  Booking of the centre implies acceptance of these conditions.

  1. A Booking Fee of £200 is payable: This is non-returnable (except within an initial 14 day period following receipt of the deposit by the centre) and will be retained as a holding deposit and returned within 14 days or on receipt of the keys whichever last occurs, subject to there being no damage or call-out claims.
  2. MyTIME (formerly known as Poole and Dorset Adventure Centre) reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time, but will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.  Any deposit will be refunded but the centre shall have no further or other liability to the user whatsoever in respect of such booking.
  3. All users of the centre are to leave it clean and tidy.  All equipment must be used with care and everything, including the kitchen, cooker and showers, must be cleaned before departure.  All rubbish must be placed in the wheeled bin outside and all hired bedding must be placed in the laundry bags in the drying room.  All duvets and pillows should be left neatly in the main room.
  4. Sleeping is not permitted in the main room.
  5. Any call-out charges, loss, breakages or damage (both internal and external) to any property at the centre must be reported, and the centre reserves the right to compensation in respect of same by deduction from the balance of any deposit or by final account.
  6. The group leader must ensure, on arrival, that everyone is familiar with the fire exits, and fire safety procedure which is displayed around the centre.
  7. It is both illegal and dangerous to tamper with any fire safety equipment.  Equipment is checked both prior to and after your stay.  The centre reserves the right to compensation in respect of any, or a combination, of the charges below by deduction from the balance of any deposit or by final account:

    In the event of a fire alarm call-out:
    £80 call-out, then £40 per hour (9am – 5pm) plus parts + VAT
    £180 call-out then £60 per hour (5pm – 9am) plus parts + VAT

    Fire Extinguishers:
    Site Visit £18.90 + VAT
    Retagging £3.20 + VAT
    Recharging of water extinguisher £22.40 + VAT
    Recharging of foam extinguisher £34.35 + VAT
    Service exchange of 2kg Co2 £59.90 + VAT
    We also reserve the right to charge an administration charge.
  8. Tea towels are provided for groups.  Please ensure that the same amount remain in the kitchen on leaving the centre.  Losses will be deducted from the holding deposit @ £5 per tea towel.
  9. Smoking is not permitted inside the centre.  There is a designated smoking area outside to the left of the entrance door and we ask that you use the sand bucket provided.
  10. The centre accepts no responsibility for loss or damage caused to or suffered by any persons using the centre or to third parties. Users must ensure that all groups are properly supervised at all times.  Groups must ensure that their own insurance arrangements are adequate and each individual is responsible for their own kit and other possessions.  The centre cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings during or after any visit.  The centre recommends that you carry out your own risk assessment prior to your stay.
  11. The only access to the Centre is by the track road which crosses farmland and is unmade.  We cannot accept any liability for damage caused to vehicles using the track. Users of the centre must not stray onto farmland at any time.  All gates must be kept CLOSED. 
  12. There is to be no camping on the lawns in front of the dry-stone walls.
  13. Vehicles may only be parked in the designated areas and not on the lawns.
  14. All parties are responsible for providing and cooking their own food.
  15. The hardwood logs supplied are only for use in the internal wood burner and not for any campfire.  Any excessive use of logs will be charged accordingly.
  16. Arrival and departure times are to be strictly observed to enable an adequate amount of time for cleaning and preparing the centre for the next user.  If these times are not adhered to further costs may be incurred by the centre, in that event such costs will be passed on to the user either by deduction from the balance of any deposit or by final account.
  17. During some of July and throughout August our neighbour runs a camp-site next door.  Unfortunately, noise from the centre, especially when outdoors, can be heard by the campers.  We ask that you take this into consideration whilst using the centre and keep noise to a minimum so that we may continue to operate in the way that we intend. Failure to do so could result in action being taken against us.

Usual arrival and departure times are as follows (subject to change and negotiation):

    Monday – Friday Bookings        Arrival Time:        Monday 4.30pm
                        Departure Time:    By Friday 12.00pm (Midday)

    Weekend Bookings            Arrival Time:        Friday 4.30pm 
                        Departure Time:    By Sunday 12.00pm (Midday)

NOTE: Nothing in the above is outside what one is entitled to expect from reasonable users.  A great many people have helped to make this centre a pleasant and comfortable place for your use and it is to the advantage of all that the facilities and equipment provided are used with care.

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