R&R Retreat Programme

We use our R&R Retreat Centre to host rest and recuperation retreats of 2 nights and 3 days for young carers. We provide transport when required and arrange local activities for the children to participate in during the course of their stay. These retreats create the perfect opportunity for young carers to escape from their routines and relax – something we all need to do from time to time, but something young carers often have no way of doing. In addition, they offer the young carers the chance to make memories, try new things and socialise with peers. In short, they allow kids to be kids and, here at MYTime, we believe that every child deserves a childhood. We know that this is something that makes a huge difference to young carers as research carried out by Action for Children and Carers Trust found that 72% of the estimated 700,000 part-time carers under the age of 18 report feeling lonely, while one in five say they've never been on a summer holiday with their family.

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