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Praise for MyTIME

Having worked with MyTIME over the last year or so Chris, Chief Executive of Poole Council for Voluntary Service, explains very clearly why the work that the charity does is so necessary:

CB"I am aware from colleagues in the voluntary and statutory sectors the need for young carers to receive specific support, particularly breaks. This not only gives them time away from difficult and stressful lives, but it also gives them the time to seek the support and advice they need. Likewise, it gives them time to enjoy their lives with their peers, who also understand their predicament. This can lead to new relationships and experiences. During the breaks, the young carers take notice of other people, new things and other issues in their lives. All of this enhances their physical and mental well-being. The support and breaks provided by MyTIME are becoming more valuable as statutory budgets come under increasing pressure. It is recognised that if young carers are going to develop their skills and lives the support of MyTIME is becoming even more essential.

At Poole CVS we understand the great focus that MyTIME puts on getting it right for the young carers. This is reflected in the detail they put into planning the breaks and their effective partnership work with a range of organisations. This ensures that they have good system to manage referrals, provide support and measure the impact of the support they provide.

I have been fortunate to work with MyTIME's Community Partnerships Director -  Joanne Barker on a number of issues, not only is she hard working and dedicated to the objects of MyTIME, she also brings a variety of skills. Joanne has been able to develop a network of supportive of partners to help MyTIME with its work, as well motivate a team of volunteers to help the charity with its breaks. Joanne’s commitment to and empathy for young carers is always evident in her work which in turn inspires them as well as volunteers and partner organisations."

Christopher Beale, Chief Executive, POOLE COUNCIL FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICEA charity helping those who help others


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