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Minehead to Porlock – 1st day!  Read Pauline's blog - MyTIME On The Path

Pauline Belloni - Porlock day 2 and 3

Started in Minehead this morning at the South West Coast Path Marker I said goodbye to my family. A few tears as I waved goodbye until I could barely see them through the trees.

The path lulled me into a false sense of security as it rounded castle hill, only to find at the end that I had to go up the hill anyway. The trail was carpeted either side with ferns and blanketed overhead by the calmness of oak, pine and beech. It was a wonderfully peaceful start to the hike, drenched in birdsong and pale green light.

The forest was brightened here and there with the pink and purples of rhododendron. With progress came the gradual decline of the thickness of the blanket above and every variety of bush and tree became dwarfed by nature. Lupins replaced rhododendrons for colour as heather blooms later.

The heath's steep inclines and declines under blazing midday sun were challenging but of rugged beauty. The sea so far below that vertigo overtook me. The freedom of such wonderful landscape stays with me as I prepare for my first night in the tent at Spark Hayes campsite in Porlock.

Wonderful campsite and wonderful hosts.

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