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Build Your Own Robot

YOUNG CARERS - Aged 9 - 12 are offered flexible learning opportunities Dates: 25/11, 2/12, 9/12, 16/12. 10am-12pm.

“Build your own robot and learn to write the code to make it move." At the Connie Learning Trust in Southbourne.

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The robots workshop is held for four - two hour, sessions on Saturdays. During the eight hours, participants build their own robot and learn how to write code to program its movements for an obstacle course showdown and time-trial on the last week.  This is ideally for learners who have done some coding at school; however, we can work with students who are just starting out too.  At the end of the workshops, learners will have a robot they can take home.

For more information Email: or Call 01202 611379

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