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We are MyTIME

We are a young, vibrant charity.  Our vision is to ensure that every young carer in the UK has access to our life-changing support, and that the young carers of the past will in turn support the young carers of the future.

MyTIME Charity and Outdoor Centre works to help 100s of heroic young carers across Dorset and the UK to take a break and have some well-earned fun for themselves!  We have built a community so that young carers do not feel alone and forgotten, and are able to connect with others in a similar position, sharing experiences, finding support, and receiving mentoring and education.

How do we help young carers?

Young Carers' Breaks


Our young carers' breaks take our young people away from their day-to-day lives...

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A Voice


Our team work with other groups actively promoting the welfare of young carers.

What we do

Young Carers' Days

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Our Young Carers' Play Days are time for fun freedom and friendship...

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100 Young Carers stayed at our Centre in 2017

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There are 400 Young Carers in Bournemouth 


50 Young Carers had a play day with us in 2017

Our Mission

Young carers are often invisible. Yet as many as 700,000 young people in the UK have their childhoods seriously affected by the need to care for a loved one.  Although we can’t give them their childhood back, we are determined to make an impact on these heroic young people by bringing as many of them as possible to our outdoor centre for an essential break and some fun.

We will extend this support into their communities to educate and channel their skills giving them a real chance to thrive in an adult world.  It is our mission to ensure that young carers feel cared for and do not feel isolated. We open doors to meeting others, sharing new experiences and learning for their lives ahead.

We are determined to work to ensure that every carer in the UK is recognised and that they can....

Find guidance and people to help them

Find their own health and wellbeing

Find strength in others and themselves


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