5 Things you can do to support MYTime Young Carers

MYTime is dedicated to providing young carers with the

support, friendship and opportunities that every child deserves.

Your support and generosity is invaluable to us, it is what keeps us going! There are many ways you can help

MYTime especially right now as we develop MYTime @ Home AND build our own MYTime Memories Making App.

For 'Charity Tuesday' we've compiled a list of 5 easy ways you can help MYTime today.


1. Fundraise.

MYTime is a charity, and that means we depend on the support of our local

community. We are always looking for opportunities to fundraise ourselves, but love nothing

more than when a company, individual or group of friends choose to do their bit to raise

money on our behalf. Take part in a sponsored silence, organise an event, or if you’re feeling

really crazy, sign up for a skydive! Do something meaningful, feel great about yourself and

make a whole lot of difference to us and to young carers everywhere.

E-Motion Fitness Hub take on the two point six challenge

2. Spread the word.

A young carer’s role is often misunderstood, overlooked or even belittled.

We aim to raise awareness of the incredible job that young carers do and to reinvent the

perceptions that many people hold of young carers. We’re asking you to get talking. Talk

about young carers, talk about their selflessness and compassion, and talk about us too! The

world needs to hear about the work we do. The higher our profile, the greater the impact

we’ll be able to make! Share this, it will help raise awareness and highlight how people can

help young carers during COVID-19 and beyond.

5 ways to support young carers

3. Get involved with our employability programme.

Launching this year, this programme is designed to support young adult

carers of ages 18-25 into work or further education. We’re

looking for local businesses to help inspire and prepare young carers for the

working world. Are you in a position to offer a work experience placement?

Act as a mentor? Host a workshop? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Employability Programme

4. Make a donation.

We rely on the generosity and kindness of our local community. Every

donation we receive goes directly towards our mission to provide young carers with the

support, opportunities and friendship that we believe all children deserve. No amount is too

small to make a difference, so you’re sure to be doing something truly amazing when you

give what you can spare.

Many of us are shopping online right now, but did you know that you can donate to

MYTime every time you place an order at no extra cost to you? Sign up with Easyfundraising

here and 4000 online retailers will donate to us when you buy through them. For customers of

Amazon, first select MYTime as your chosen charity by following this link Then, simply

remember to shop through smile.amazon.co.uk and you’ll be making a difference every time

you place an order. We're hosting an online 'pub' quiz on Wednesday 20th May at 8:30 you can sign up 

and donate £1 here

4COM Nov 19

5. Volunteer.

We’re always in need of an extra set of hands, so if you’d like to get on board and

be part of something wonderful, we’d welcome the help with open arms. Get in touch today

and together we could make a real dream team! Right now we need submissions for our

MYTime Memories Making App. Why not help us by filling out our quick survey here

MYTime Young Carers Illustration

We hope to hear from you soon!

Love, MYTime Team x 

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