How You Can Help?

MyTIME receives no direct Government funding. We constantly need support to fund our core aims and objectives. We aim to provide respite breaks for 100 young carers in 2017. Outside term time along with short weekend breaks in the school holidays. Any help that you can give towards supporting these costs would be very gratefully received. Our respite breaks are tailor made to each young carer group that we work with. *So the costs are variable. We may not pay full travel costs, but will contribute.

Therefore below is an estimated cost breakdown for a typical long weekend respite break: *Note figures are subject to change. Figure average @ £45 per head per day. Based on 15 in a group (we pay for the children and their group leaders/ volunteers). With our staff costs £64 a head per day. £192 per person for a weekend break.

Respite Break 3 nights Weekend Break
( Up to 12 Children & Group Leaders)
*Accommodation  990
*Food  320
*Transport  225
*Activities/Trips  324
*Craft materials    20
*Bedding Sets   75
*Variable Costs   83
Total * variable Costs £2037

Further to this we have a programme of continual improvement for our historic centre and for the facilities and activities we provide.

MyTIME is always pleased to receive any support and funding you may care to offer.

Call us today on 01202 710701 or contact us for more details

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