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We are a charity that cares for young carers, enabling time and adventure respite breaks at our outdoor centre in the Isle of Purbeck. We provide essential life skills for young carers; encouraging them to get outdoors, be active, while making new friends!

There are 700,00 young carers in the UK.  In 2010 the BBC carried out a survey. One in 12 secondary school pupils are a young carer. These are caring children who are the main carers in their families, looking after a sick or otherwise incapacitated relative (and often siblings) as there is no one else to help them!

MyTIME was reformed in 2013 (formerly known as Poole and Dorset Adventure Club) offering accommodation and many years of outdoor adventure and activities.

MyTIME provides valuable respite breaks for young carers. Young carers say they miss out on what other children their age are doing, because of their caring role. Carers Trust.

Carers aged 16-19 are less likely to be in education, employment or training. (Source Census 2011/13, Office for National Statistics). 

Our long term aim and objective, is to offer support and guide them back in to education and on towards employment and training; so they can continue to care for the ones who depend on them!

“It was nice to get away from home because it gave me a break from my responsibilities and I got to make new friends and catch up with some old ones”

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